Rod Smith - Owner

We Build it- We Fix it- We Care

We treat it like its our very own,

 With the same Pride you have.

Custom frame, body and engine

Fabrication 9" Rear housing 4 link brackets installed

Custom Seat  Mounts 1969 C10 Truck 10 point Cage and Chair installation.

25.3 S.F.I. Cage Rear Suspension Modification to F body.

Quick Performance Rear end for installation

custom cages   -   ENGINE SWAPS   - CUSTOM FABRICATIONS - Electrical                                                                                                                     wiring 

​Fox Body Mustang Upper and Lower Torque Boxes Installed

Automotive Wiring Specialists, Electronic Computer Control, Fuel Injection, Chassis Wiring, Race Pack

Custom Cage

10 Point S.F.I. Cage

in F-Body

​Engine Swap

​​​custom fabrications - custom modifications 


Custom made Headers

​Engine Swap