Re-inventing the wheel from the ground up, this Chevy C-10 to a K-10 with 6 liter LS Motor and a Magna Charger. Driving a 4L8E with a 205 Transfer Case.

​Fox Body Mustang Upper and Lower Torque Boxes Installed

Automotive Wiring Specialists, Electronic Computer Control, Fuel Injection, Chassis Wiring, Race Pack

Custom Cage

Custom made Headers

25.3 S.F.I. Cage Rear Suspension Modification to F body.

Quick Performance Rear end for installation

10 Point S.F.I. Cage

in F-Body

We Build it- We Fix it- We Care

We treat it like its our very own,

 With the same Pride you have.

Custom frame, body and engine

​Engine Swap

Custom Seat  Mounts 1969 C10 Truck 10 point Cage and Chair installation.

custom cages   -   ENGINE SWAPS   - CUSTOM FABRICATIONS - Electrical wiring - suspension modification- performance parts installed and much more . . . . . . .                                                                                                                                                


​Engine Swap

Fabrication 9" Rear housing 4 link brackets installed

​​​custom fabrications - custom modifications